About Us

Who are we?

Kings garden was founded by Tamer AYDINER in 2003 in Nürnberg, Germany.

Between 2003-2010, it has also exported products from Turkish producers to Germany and become the supplier for the leading companies in their sectors in Germany.

In the second half of 2010, the company founded a production facility with an investment in Turkey. In this production facility, producing without making concessions of quality, the gravestones and other natural stone products are exported to many places around the world, especially to Germany and many other European countries.

From its foundation till today, pursuing its way by growing and increasing its product variety, King’s Garden continues to serve its customers with the products it produces and the products of other suppliers. The products such as decorative stones, travertine, marble, tombs and monuments, block and slab marble, garden, landscape and wood products, fertilizer and peat, quartz composite, awning and umbrella, laser deco tech, special design furniture, hammock, pellet boiler will continue to be supplied with the assurance of King’s Garden.

With an understanding that set out with German discipline and which has reached today, we continue to sell our products, which we have prepared in 2019 and presented to the opinion of our customers on our website. Regards,

Our Work Principles

Respect for the Law

Kings Garden complies with the laws and regulations applicable in the countries in which it operates in all of its work. Also, it denies all kinds of corruption, active or passive, in the processes of domestic and international trade.

Respect for the Nature

Kings Garden supports the protection of nature actively. Regardless of where the field of activity is located, all workplaces are managed in a way that allows clear environmental targets to be set, performance to be regularly evaluated and compared with targets.

Health and Security of the Workers

Kings Garden provides all necessary health and safety measures to ensure the maximum possible protection against risks. Developing policies to reduce risks and checking that relevant policies are properly implemented, it compares the results obtained with the relevant standards.

Quality Principles


We work with a service-concept which improves itself with new and creative ideas continuously and follows the developing technology deeply


We work for providing the products which meet the needs and expectations of our customers, delivering them on time, and ensuring the customer satisfaction and continuity in quality.

High Quality

We create quality awareness in all employees, especially as the management, by freeing quality from the narrow patterns of the standard approach and taking culture and philosophy as the basic starting point.


We move with an understanding that can meet all kinds of customer demands, is reliable and continuous, does not compromise on quality, attaches great importance to honesty and after-sales service.