Our Production Facility

Our Production Facility

City: İzmir

PlaceAnkara Asfaltı Ulucak Yol Ayrımı Karşısı – Taş Kahve Mevkii – Kemalpaşa – Izmir

Size: We have a total area of 6.000 m2, of which 1000m2 is closed.

The most successful way of designing future from today and following the world-trends is using the high-technology solutions. Keeping this in mind and foreseeing the future, Kings Garden uses the innovative and eco-friendly technology with the consultancy from home and abroad in the whole process of mining.

The way to find a place in the world market is through manufacturing using the world’s most advanced technology. Advancing with this strategy, Kings Garden constantly renews its technology and currently uses the latest technology machines of Italian and developing Turkish machinery industry in its production.

In the mines with modern facilities, equipment and infrastructure, production is carried out with a wide machine park, all of which belong to Kings Garden.