Pavement and Natural Stone Works


Whether it’s sandstone, granite, gneiss, marble or bluestone, we naturally process all these materials to normal quality.

Stone Material

Do you need a new paved driveway or a beautifully paved road? Then we are the right one for you. We do all asphalt laying works, especially natural stone.


We handle each request individually. This creates your own unique item. You will receive a real-scale planning foundation, which we will create according to your ideas.

Water Pools

Water Feature

A stream creates a harmony that fills the entire garden, thus bringing plenty of peace and relaxation to a garden. A stream is especially suitable in connection with a garden pond. It filters the water completely naturally and at the same time supports the water with oxygen.

Live Streams

It doesn’t matter if there are individual fun elements or cleverly intertwined water features. We create a concept according to your ideas. We can also create a complete water view especially for your garden. This turns your garden into a unique place.

Pools and Ornamental Pools

Water enlivens the garden and significantly changes the appearance of a garden. We plan and create individually according to your wishes and ideas: swimming pools, ornamental pools.

We Make Your Natural Stone Projects Come True

Our Variety

We’ve mastered in various sandstone and granite trade, almost everything is possible. Gneiss, marble and bluestone is also a part of our variety. In gardening, we’ve gained the necessary experience with daily natural stone use.

Natural Stone Projects

We carry out your natural stone projects indoors and outdoors such as terraces, roads, seats or paving stones for your driveways. We realize all the projects regarding natural stones from stairs to friesenwalls. We plan and design each request separately. We will create real scale basic plan according to your ideas.

Delivery of Materials

Of course, we will deliver the materials to your door, and our expert team will help you with the installation.